Six Things You Want to Know About Dog Boarding

Whether traveling for work or taking a short vacation, you will likely be forced to leave your dog at some point within their lifetime. As this temporary separation can present an emotional challenge for both you and your furry friend, you will want to do your best to ensure the safest, most comfortable environment for your pet. If you don’t have a sitter for your dog, you may want to ask your veterinarian for recommendations. It is important to do your research on several different kennels to determine whether your dog’s needs will be met.

The following are important points to consider before booking your dog in a boarding facility:

1. Living Conditions

To ensure your dog’s comfort during your absence, ask the boarding facility what the living space is like for the animals. Take a tour of the facility to see if it suits your expectations for your dog. Consider whether the cages or runs accommodate your dog’s needs. If your dog is crate trained, cages may do just fine, but if a dog is not accustomed to smaller spaces, cages can be a problem. If your dog has arthritis, for example, they will need more room to move around. If you are uncomfortable with your dog being in a small space for an extended period, look for pet hotels, resorts or other types of upscale boarding; they will likely have small rooms with dog beds and toys. While these accommodations may cost more, making your dog feel at home may be worth the extra cash.

2. Exercise

If your dog is walked every day, you will want to ask the boarding facility how often they let the dogs out; some only let dogs out twice a day for a few minutes at a time. This will likely work fine for crate trained dogs, but can otherwise be a problem. Some boarding facilities have packages that include playtime and additional dog walking. If not, ask whether they have a fenced-in area where your dog can roam, this is a feature a kennel usually has.

3. Food

Due to loneliness, our pets tend to eat less when we’re not around and being in an unfamiliar environment may only intensify that indifference. Food from the kennel may also give your dog stomach problems if they are not used to certain ingredients. While most kennels include meals in their boarding cost, still advises to bring your food from home as it can make the dog feel in a more comfortable environment. If your dog has specific dietary needs, make sure you stress them to the boarding facility, including what your dog specifically can or cannot eat.

4. Socialization

Find out whether your dog will be able to play with others lodging in the dog boarding facility. Some kennels offer daily play sessions where dogs can play together off-leash. Though this can be fun for the dogs involved, it can also be risky with more aggressive breeds. Even when a more obedient dog is overstimulated, there is potential for aggression. Be sure to ask the facility about their playtime policies and ensure that playtime is heavily monitored with only a few compatible dogs playing together. You will also want to know their protocols if a dog does get injured during playtime.

5. Medical Attention

A good boarding facility should keep daily track of each boarder’s appetite, water consumption, urination and bowel movements. Anything unusual including vomiting or diarrhea should be logged. If a boarding facility is part of a veterinary hospital, they will likely perform a “once-over” on boarders to make sure their physical condition is consistent throughout their stay. Find out where animals are taken in the event of serious injury or illness. If you are unfamiliar with the veterinarian, ask whether your dog can be transported to your vet if medical attention is needed.

6. Boarding Cost

When saving for a vacation, you need to account for your dog’s boarding. Do your research ahead of time and take any add-ons into account. For example, extra playtime, grooming or accommodating special diets will likely cost extra. Make sure you check with each boarding facility, as these prices will vary. If you can, try to obtain a written estimate.

Once you’ve found a great boarding facility, make a reservation as soon as possible, especially if you will be gone over a major holiday; kennels tend to fill up quickly! When you drop off your dog at the facility, don’t forget their food and any special instructions you have. Avoid bringing items that your dog is particularly attached to; these items may get lost or damaged. Because of this, many facilities have a limit on certain items. Give the boarding facility your contact numbers, including emergency contacts if you cannot be reached.

Now that you have peace of mind that you’ve found the best possible environment for your pet, it is time to enjoy your vacation and trust that your best friend is happy and in good hands!

What are the different types of movers?

With people moving from one space to another, there are different types of moving services which handle packing, loading, unloading, and relocation needs. These companies can be classified in some ways depending on some factors. It is important to understand the classifications of movers in the market today because that knowledge can help you choose the right mover depending on your needs. There are different types of movers who offer a range of services.

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Things to Consider when Choosing an Interior Designer

home-1416381_1280Many may wonder what is the difference between an interior stylist and an interior designer.

If you are looking to complete a renovation to your home or business, you may have already asked this question. The expert that you need to consult will depend on the type of project you are planning.

An interior design service will develop a design based on your likes and your needs. They will renovate and existing room and provide a new concept for this area. They will work with an architect and should be consulted once the project begins. They can work on their own, or they can work as part of a team of designers.

An interior stylist will look to change the style of the room. They can maintain a style that a person wants. They also find and collect beautiful objects that can be used to help enhance the room.

A stylist can help a person develop their sense of style and create a room that is not only pleasing to the eye but with some meaning behind the décor. They can turn simple inexpensive items into beautiful centerpieces. They can find beautiful things in natures, experiment with different textures, and open a person’s mind. They have one simple rule that has to be followed. A person should only purchase or collect something that has to mean to them.

Why is it important to seek help from a professional when selecting colors for the room?

living-room-728732_1280-postedColor is one of the most powerful forms of nonverbal communication. The right color can bring a space to life. Color is one of the most useful things that can be used to help a person develop their sense of style.

When selecting colors for a room, a person should think about the type of environment they are looking to create. The room can be dark, or it can be full of light thanks to the color choices. They should also take into consideration what direction the room is facing when selecting colors. The size of the room is also important. Some colors can make a small room appear larger. All of this information needs to be taken into consideration.

The difference between a color and a styling consultation

The color consultation will help create a color pattern for a specific room of space. It can also help find the right colors for the entire home based on the information provided by the homeowner. The consultant will help a person find the right colors for the interior as well as the exterior of the home.

The styling consultant will focus on helping a person develop a sense of style for the home based on their preferences. The homeowner will be asked some questions and the design of the room will be based on this. This includes everything for the arrangement of the furniture to the lighting fixtures.

The designer has to listen to the homeowner and work around what they like. They homeowner should not agree to designs and colors that they do not like.

pool-room-389269_1280How to find a sense of style

To develop their style, a person should explore the world they live in. There is a beauty to be found in many different places.

Be sure to keep an open mind. A person can look to nature for inspiration. They can also visit museums, check out magazines, and even check out the local shops to get a sense of style.

It is recommended that a person should carry a notebook and a pen with them. This way they and write down their inspiration and things that they like no matter where they are.

All of these notes, pictures, and other things should be kept in a folder. This folder should be kept for four to eight weeks. The items should then be grouped by colors or by specific themes. This will help a person develop their style. There are no rules for style. Style is about finding things that you like.

Is it the right time to invest in real estate?

real estate houseRealtors invest and sell homes regardless of what time of year it is. In fact, it’s where they live and how the property looks that they think of the most. But, they do think of the cost of course. The benefits of the real estate market has some main elements when investing, purchasing, and selling, though. Naturally, the home has to be in excellent condition to invest in, otherwise, why would anyone want to buy it?


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Introduction to Window Tinting

tinted windows on building

Individuals and businesses benefit from professional window tinting services. The process involves applying a specialized film on automobile and building windows. The tint can vary in degree of intensity and color.

These are the three primary categories of window tinting service:


You can have individual car windows tinted to reduce the amount of sunlight inside of your vehicle. Doing so will lessen the buildup of heat in the summer and the sun damage to the vehicle interior.

Make certain to follow the state laws regarding tinted window location and how dark it is. A professional will know about the laws governing your area.


Reduce heating and cooling costs with window film for your home windows. The tint will reduce the amount of sunlight in the summertime, which will prevent the room air from becoming as warm. As with your cars and trucks, the fabrics and other interior materials will benefit from the tint as well.

Tint can also make it more difficult for a passerby to see inside of your home and adds aesthetic value from the interior and exterior when chosen and installed correctly.

Find out more about residential window tinting in our directory.


If you own commercial property, you can tint the windows to improve the quality of your units. Potential renters will appreciate the benefits regarding utility costs and wear on the goods inside the building.

Professional window tint companies provide an excellent service to people and businesses. Contact one today to find out how they can help you.

Sticker Printing Solutions For Product Labels

campbells product labels

Product labels are an excellent way of promoting your brand which is why you should consider applying them to all your products. Everything can get a label, from jars and containers to clothing and shoes. Once on shelves, your products are going to communicate to shoppers your brand identity, values, and mission. Also, you can use product labels to personalize gifts for your business partners or customers.

Since these labels are going to represent your brand, it’s important to choose a good designer to develop them. You need a catchy, yet elegant layout, which would make people remember your name or what your brand stands for. Besides, these labels should be in line with your other communication elements, with your advertising and marketing materials and with your business stationery. This is why you need the help of a good graphic designer to put all these together.

Once you have your layout, you need to find the best sticker printing solution for your product labels. There are two main options, which are cut-to-size and roll labels. Each of them has its advantages and drawbacks, so you have to assess all of them carefully to make your final choice. If for instance, you have to apply labels on packaging items in bulk, it’s going to be easier for you to use the roll product labels, as they come in an easy to apply form. Besides, they are stackable, so you won’t need a lot of space to store them.

Such labels can have various shapes. Most business owners prefer the square or rectangular labels, but there are enough cases in which they opt for circle, round, and oval ones. When choosing the shape, you need to prepare a mock-up and apply it on your product, and then ask several consumers what they think about each version. This kind of research is easy to organize and conduct. It may not be too accurate, but it can give you a rough idea about the preferences of your potential customers.
vegetable product labelsRegarding finishing, you can choose between matte, gloss or high gloss coating. The matte finish is probably the least expensive, but there are situations in which a high gloss coating is preferred. Again, you have to assess your particular situation and go for the finish that best suits your needs.

When choosing your printing provider, make sure you ask them about the turnaround times as well. You need to have your labels as soon as your products are ready to leave your warehouse or storage facility. If the printing house can’t keep pace with your needs, you are going to have problems. Ideally, you should find the highest possible quality printing at the best possible price. Also, you may want to have the one-day turnaround option to use whenever you have an emergency. If you choose your provider carefully, your product labels are going to look great. Shoppers are going to notice them, so you may soon enjoy a sales boost.

How Have Trophies Encouraged Kids Throughout Generations?

There is a debate out there about whether or not trophies are really that encouraging. Sure, the winners get trophies, but do the losers get trophies? Are there winners and losers? Do the participation trophies really make a difference? Some people think that the participation trophies don’t help either side. I’m from the school of thought that trophies do in fact encourage people, but how?

finish-line-award-winnerCertainly life isn’t all about winning and losing, However, people have talents, hobbies, and they are competitive. Some people are more competitive than others of course. It’s sore winners and sore losers that create the problems. It’s how people view trophies and how we use them that might need some adjusting. That doesn’t mean that trophies are bad news, though.

Kids feel like they have accomplished something when they get a trophy. Sure, they should feel like that already, but who doesn’t like to get an award? Maybe society has created this whole winning and losing thing, but if you think about, humans think in binaries. Someone is short or tall; the glass is half empty or half full. To the optimist, awards and trophies would always be a good thing.

Trophies aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. It would be tough to reverse that culture. Trophies have been around for centuries, and kids and adults alike from each and every generation look forward to getting them. Trophies encourage kids to pick up new hobbies, explore new talents and discover the ‘eye of the tiger’ so to speak in themselves.

Are there too many trophies? Maybe there are, but if they encourage people, how can there be too many of them? Maybe there hasn’t been enough of them in the past because you certainly don’t want kids growing up without trophies. Each kid should have a trophy or two for something.

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10 Ways To Know You’re Boarding Your Dog At The Right Place

Boarding your dog is a big deal! Although your pooch may not need anything too fancy, you do want to make sure he’s in the best hands when you have to go away. We asked a respected Henderson dog boarding facility to supply us with ten important ways to know you’ve chosen the right dog boarding facility for your four-legged friend.

1. They welcome you to look around.

If the boarder you visit limits the areas you can inspect, be wary. They should welcome you to check not just the areas where your dog will use, but everything short of the employee-only sections. You want to get a feel for the whole place and what its standards are.

2. They ask a lot of questions.

Not only should staff want to know about your dog’s personality and preferences, but they should also inquire about his health and ask to see the paperwork proving he’s up to date on all his shots. Anyplace that only checks an animal in without probing his health history can be trouble.

3. The boarding facility is clean and smells nice.

No matter how many dogs the place accommodates, it should still smell and look sterile, well kept and safe.

4. There’s plenty of space in the individual pens.

Your dog should be able to roam about in the immediate area he’ll be staying, with plenty of room to stretch and pace as is needed. Preferably, the dog can see other animals as well as the people looking out for him.

5. Dogs are free to run and have a good place to do it.

The play area should be large, well-staffed and have high enough fences to keep even the agilest climbers from escaping. Your dog needs lots of exercise to stay healthy so make sure this is a primary item you check. Make sure there aren’t any signs of digging under fences, too, where your dog might be able to scramble out.

While not all dog boarding exercise yards will be this big, it's still important to make sure there's enough room to move.
While not all dog boarding exercise yards will be this big, it’s still important to make sure there’s enough room to move.

6. Staff won’t mind you calling to check in on your pooch.

While you don’t want to harass the people, you do want to be able to put a few calls in to make sure your dog is doing well. If they don’t seem accepting of this, you might want to keep looking for another boarder.

7. Everything is concise in the paperwork.

You shouldn’t need a lawyer to explain the paperwork you sign; it should be simple, easy to understand and not include a lot of conditions or speculative situations absolving the facility from responsibility.

8. The boarding facility has good reviews.

Go ahead and check out the reputation of the place online and ask your vet for their opinion as well. While an occasional weak review can be expected, there certainly shouldn’t be too many of them. Look for consistent comments about safety, cleanliness and the dog’s approving of their stay. Your vet is one of the best sources of information for the most trusted dog boarders because they should have inside information with which to guide your decision-making process.

9. There’s a sense of fun and anticipation, not confinement and dread.

Some boarding facilities have a cold, starkness about them, and that’s not a place you want to leave your best friend. You want to hear activity and see action, to know your dog won’t be left by himself in the corner of a pen for the entire duration of your time away.

10. You have a good feeling about the place.

Just like your dog probably has a keen sense of things, so do you. Since you care about the quality and care he’s going to be getting while you’re away, you’ll have a good sense when evaluating a potential boarder. Trust what you feel, asking questions whenever anything arises your suspicions and sleep on the decision a few days before you have to commit to it: This is a good time to listen to that little voice inside your head that says “You found the right place!” or “Maybe this isn’t such a good idea…”

Choosing the right dog boarding facility means you can relax while your dog is apart from you, knowing he’s in good hands. Check this list twice and trust what your heart says about the people you entrust to watch over your furry four-legged friend. It’s the only way.

The Rise Of Real Life Escape Room Games

real life escape room poster

Gaming is one of the favorite activities of millions of people. Teenagers and elderly alike love playing games. They also love adventure. Many of them need an adrenaline rush every now and then to help them keep a high morale. Others enjoy solving puzzles. Almost every human being enjoys a type of game, be it we talk about the online environment or the real life.

Online escape games have been among the most popular genres over the past few years. Some daring entrepreneurs have thought to bring video escape games in real life, as they have spotted the huge potential of this kind of entertainment. This is how a real life escape room in Las Vegas has been born. Just like in an MMORPG, players have to solve various puzzles to find the key that would allow them unlock the door to freedom and escape from the room. Some of these games are timed, participants needing to escape before the time runs out. All these games are complex enough to stimulate the players to use their brains and their imagination. Besides, unlike other adventures, these games are absolutely safe. You don’t risk a heart attack because of monsters coming your way. You don’t have to fear panic attacks as it happens in roller coasters and other adrenaline boosters out there. These rooms are peaceful and inviting, free from any menace. The only pressure is to find the exit before your time runs out.

A real life adventure exit game suite is easy to design and fairly inexpensive to set up. All you need are a few themed puzzle ideas and some decorations to bring them to life. In addition, you have to make your puzzles known. In this respect, you could consider advertising them on social media in order to bring some people to play your games. Once you manage to gather a small crowd to your Vancouver business, there’s a huge potential to become viral. If people like the adventure you offer them, they are going to tell all your friends about it. This can be the beginning of a very lucrative path to glory. You can replicate your first success by setting up more escape rooms with different themes. There are good chances that people who have played your first room will want to play the others as well. Making the games is entertaining, so this kind of startup can be the perfect choice of creative entrepreneurs

The earliest known escape rooms were built in Asia. The idea spread quickly, so today you can find such rooms in Vancouver, the rest of Canada and the United States. Some of them are so popular that you have to book more than one month in advance if you want to play. This is the new gaming trend all over the world. Possibilities are endless, a brilliant mind can produce lots of such puzzles to make others work hard to find their way out of these escape rooms. Nonetheless, the essential is to keep the difficulty level within reasonable limits, otherwise, people are going to give up.

This Is How To Start A Personal Training Business The Easy Way

starting a personal training business

Do you love fitness and helping people get into shape or you just enjoy working out? If you do, then you should consider starting your own personal training business in Port Coquitlam. With that said, continue to read on to find out how to start this type of business.

1. Get Certified Or A Degree

The first step in starting a personal training business is to get certified or obtain a degree in health and nutrition, exercise science or a related degree. Many trainers opt for a personal trainer certificate, as they don’t take as long to earn a degree, but the key is to get certified or a degree because this will give clients peace of mind knowing that you have received some form of education. There are many places you can earn a certification or a degree, but make sure the course you take teaches you everything there is to know about personal training, as well as the business side.

2. Choose A Name For Your Business

You will need to choose a name for your business after you have received your certification and once you decide to go into business for yourself. Choose a name that represents what you do and your brand. This may take a little bit of time to do, but it is worth taking as long as necessary in order to come up with a good name for your business. Also, you can choose to use your name as the name of your business, and you can add personal training in the name of the business too, so if your name as Jeremy, then you could name your business ‘Personal Training By Jeremy’ or something along those lines.

3. Find A Place To Train People At

Once you are certified, you will need to find a place to train your clients at, and there are many options you can choose from. You can choose to work out of a gym, but you will need to offer them a cut of your fees or they will tell you how much they want. The benefits of working out of a gym include not having to invest into equipment and you will have access to state-of-the-art equipment.

You can rent a studio and put some weights, cardio equipment and other exercise equipment inside of it and train people at the Port Coquitlam Gym. Another option is to set up a workout area in your garage, if you have one and train clients there. You can even train clients at their own home, but make sure you are capable of creating a workout regime that they can do right at home. 

4. Create A Marketing Plan

After you have gotten certified, named your business and found a place to train clients at, the next thing you need to do is to get clients. You do this by creating a marketing plan, which is a huge part of starting a Port Coquitlam personal training business. You want to create ads on social media sites, as well as in the newspapers and anywhere else you think potential clients read or go to. The more you advertise, the more clients you will likely get, and this means the more money you will make.

Starting this type of  business doesn’t have to be hard. If you keep the above advice and tips in mind, then you should find it easy to start. All you have to do now is implement what you have just learnt and before you know it, you will be running a personal training business.

Important Benefits Of Automotive Window Tinting

automotive tinting on back window

People tint their automotive windows for numerous reasons. Whether you consider yourself a fashion conscious driver or a safety conscious parent, you surely have a good reason to tint the windows of your car. Window tinting has become quite popular within the past couple of years, and there are more and more car owners going for a full tint of their car windows. This has helped new window tinting services mushroom across the country within a short period of time. This article provides a comprehensive overview of the important benefits of automotive window tinting.

A professional Las Vegas window tinting job will help reduce the heat entering your car at least by 46%. This puts a lesser strain on the air conditioner unit in the car. It will allow the vehicle to cool more rapidly even if the temperature outside is high. It will benefit the passengers in your car, especially if you have kids traveling with you. It will also reduce the fuel costs, and increase the lifespan of the air conditioner system. High-quality tint films are able to prevent 99% of ultraviolet rays entering the car, which will help protect you and your loved ones from skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Additionally, UV rays and solar heat can cause the upholstery of the car to fade as well as create cracks in the plastic components over time. A professional window tinting job will help prevent this as well. These are some of the most important benefits of automotive window tinting.

Automotive window tinting provides an extra level of safety in a collision

automotive window tinting on silver carIncreased safety is another important advantage of automotive window tinting. Automotive glass is usually tempered which means it shatters when broken. But a good window tint will help hold the glass together under such circumstances. It will help protect the passengers inside the car. This is very important and beneficial if you are carrying kids in the vehicle most of the time. A good tint provides additional security to your vehicle since “smash and grab crooks” will be hesitant to break into a car unless they can see the inside of it. Also, they will find it difficult to break a window that is covered with a window film, at least, it will take much longer to break.

Reducing the glare is another important benefit of window tinting. The tint will help keep the sun out of the eyes of your passengers. It will prevent the sun interfering with the game consoles and other entertainment gadgets inside your vehicle. This is why most vehicle owners prefer to tint the windows of their cars. A good tint is great for any driver who values his or her privacy. No one on the outside will be able to see through your car windows. It will guarantee the privacy of you and your passengers at all times. But you can still see the outside clearly through the tinted windows. Last but not least, a good tint job will enhance the aesthetic appearance of your car. Some drivers tint their car windows just for the aesthetics it provides. It can offer a bit of a lift to an older car while completing the looks of a new car. These are very important advantages of automotive window tinting.

Do your homework when choosing a automotive window tinting company

Picking the right window tinting company is essential for a professional automotive window tinting job. Even though there are many tint services out there, not all of them are created equal. This is the importance of doing your homework before picking the right service provider for the project. Asking for personal referrals from someone in your family or a friend is an effective method. If they know of reliable window tint services in the area, they will gladly give you the contacts. This way you save a lot of time as well as pick a reliable contractor in your town. Online reviews and testimonials are a good way to pick a reliable contractor for the job. Check the websites of the tint services to learn more about what they offer and their prices.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of the most important advantages of automotive window tinting in Las Vegas, NV. Picking the right tint service is important when tinting the windows in your car.

Coquitlam Carpet Cleaning Tips

cleaning carpet in an office in coquitlam


Carpets are excellent for flooring because they are soft and warm. That is why they are found in most homes and also in commercial premises. However, even though carpets are designed to provide more comfort in your home, cleaning them is not an easy task. Especially if you have small kids and you have to deal with spills and dirt that is exposed to the carpet. Apart from kids, pets can also cause a lot of dirt and stains. That is why Coquitlam carpet cleaning should be done regularly to get rid of germs and tough stains.

What you Should Know About Carpet Cleaning

There are various methods used to clean carpets. Some methods are easy and you can apply them in your home while others are complicated and requires special machines and skills to clean the carpet. However, such methods are only offered by carpet cleaning companies. Hiring a professional Coquitlam carpet cleaner or taking your rug to a cleaning company saves you money by maintaining the quality of your carpet.

These methods also help the carpet to retain its color and texture as well. Furthermore, professionals and cleaning companies use special solutions to remove tough stains and get rid of bad odor. Even though cleaning your own carpet may seem effective, you can never achieve maximum results as a professional carpet cleaner.

Carpet Cleaning Methods

One of the most common carpet cleaning method that most professional use is steam cleaning also known as steam water extraction. This method involves the use of chemical agents to remove tough stains and other unwanted materials. Moreover, this method is fast and you are guaranteed quality work within a short period of time.

Another carpet cleaning method used by professionals is dry cleaning. Unlike other carpet cleaning methods that rely upon water and chemical solutions to produce outstanding results, this method does not rely on water composition. However, the process involves the use of solvents and a vacuum. The solvent makes it easy to vacuum all the unwanted dirt from the carpet.

Apart from dry cleaning and hot water extraction, there is also a dry foaming carpet cleaning method which involves the use of shampoo and other chemicals. These products are spread around the carpet before they get passed into a foam. The foam is used to get rid of stains and grime that is found on the carpet. Moreover, you also need to acknowledge the fact that the foam is achieved by the use of rotating blades that move at a high speed.

Benefits Of Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet regularly helps to keep your carpet in good condition. However, it is advisable that you hire a company for carpet cleaning Coquitlam at least after a short period. That is because professional cleaners are cable of removing tough stains without causing damage to the carpet.


Coquitlam Carpet cleaning companies, like Refresh Carpet Cleaning are easy to find and you can use the local directories to identify some of the best dealers who are located near you. Furthermore, it is also advisable that you compare the prices of these services among various cleaners to get the best offer.

How Prospective Property Owners Can Test for Asbestos When They Intend to Purchase Old Houses in Edmonton

Wall tiles, insulation and other items made from asbestos
Examples of asbestos that can be found in Edmonton homes

Asbestos is a natural mineral that consists of thin and tightly packed fibers. The material was commonly used in the construction industry during the 19th century. It was used to manufacture insulation, roofing, fireproofing and other materials because of its properties.

However, scientists discovered that when asbestos fibers become loose and the dust is inhaled it poses significant health risks. The material carries huge risk of causing lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma (scarring of the lungs’ tissue linings) if there is high levels of asbestos exposure.

People who intend to purchase old homes in Edmonton should therefore look out for houses whose parts may have been constructed using asbestos. If a prospective buyer suspects the presence of asbestos in particular property, he/she should ask a certified professional to confirm the material’s presence by conducting scientific tests.

Valuable tips on inspecting for asbestos when looking at or purchasing old real estate property in Edmonton:

    1. Establish exactly when the property was constructed

Asbestos was commonly used in the construction industry between 1920- 1989 before government agencies prohibited its use. When buying an old house in Edmonton, a prospective buyer should therefore be wary of property that was constructed between 1920- 1989, because its construction was most probably done using the dangerous material.

    1. Focus on products that most likely contain asbestos

It’s important for a prospective property owner who’s inspecting for asbestos to specifically focus on products that were most possibly made using the material. They include; insulation materials (pipes, boilers, HVAC duct insulation and thermal paper products), fireproofing materials (acoustical plaster, fire doors and fire curtains) and gaskets (e.g. high pressure gaskets).

Other materials that most certainly consist of asbestos in old houses are roofing shingles, cement wallboards, ceiling tiles and floor tiles.

    1. Look out for possible signs of disturbed materials

A prospective property owner should look out for warning signs of degrading construction materials such as; disintegrating pipes, stovetop pads, insulation materials, vinyl floors and floor tiles.

It’s also important to focus on cracks, spots and dusty areas where asbestos material seems to be disintegrating/ falling apart.

    1. Laboratory tests

Since it’s quite difficult to ascertain the presence of asbestos materials, prospective home owners who suspect that the property they are interested in contain the dangerous material should consider sending samples to certified laboratories where testing and analysis can be conducted.

There are two reliable methods that are used in testing for the presence of asbestos; Transmission Electron Microscopy and Polarized Light Microscopy.

Asbestos Safety Considerations

People who are at most risk of suffering from asbestos-related complications such as mesothelioma in case they are hired to work in old property whose parts were constructed using asbestos are; furnace and boiler makers/ repairers, construction workers, sheet metal workers, drywall installers, pipe fitters, plumbers, electricians and firefighters.

The Benefits of Building a Garage Suite in Edmonton, AB

Are you looking for an on-site apartment for a college or a high school student, a studio, a rental apartment for some extra income, or just a place to calmly get away in luxury, consider building a garage with an attached loft or apartment. Garage suites are now becoming widely popular in Edmonton. You definitely don’t need a stand-alone house to build these garage suites. If you just own a land or a home, or are planning to purchase a land, here are some reasons why you should consider building a garage suite:

Retirement Retreat

Have plans to downsize once your kids have settled down in life? Build a small garage apartment and keep your independence while you relish the apartment living without expense and maintenance of a large house.

The Starter Home

If you’re planning to buy a land or have property but don’t have sufficient budget to build your dream house right away, you can still become a homeowner by building a garage with a suite above.

Extra Rental Income

In some areas where it’s difficult to find affordable housing, such as fast-growing communities and college towns, your garage loft will be in demand-and good rental income can be a welcome supplement. Plus, its maintenance expenses are also tax-deductible!

garage suite being built
A garage apartment under construction in Edmonton

The In-law Apartment

An in-law suite over garage can provide a measure of independence and privacy for older teenagers, in-laws, or occasional guests. In some cases, the upstairs living quarter in a garage has a separate entrance that can be easily closed off from the ground-level garage.

The Relaxing Country Getaway

Garage suites can be a great ay to spend your weekends-or even months-in your favorite vacation area.

The Perfect Money-Saver Project for All Non-Professionals

Since garage suite is often a smaller construction project than building a complete house, you can take advantage of your own skills-or those of any of your family member-to help complete this project. By successfully borrowing the skills in areas such as plumbing, framing, or electrical work, you can easily save out-of-pocket expenses while building your garage suite or apartment.

Affordable Housing with Complete Privacy

Much better than one-bedroom or studio apartment that you rent, your own garage suite can be a home. Because it’s a stand-alone structure, your garage/apartment will be less expensive to build than a traditional house and because it is detached, it offers much better privacy than duplex living or apartment.

A finished garage suite
Garage suite completed

The Perfect Space for… Your Own Home-Based Business?

You can start your own home-based business in your garage suite. These garage suites can be perfect for an artist’s studio, auto repair shop or even a bakery. Reduce living costs, simplify your life, and create a shortest commute!

The Flexible Floor Plan

The garage suite that suits you today can also become a open loft in the future…or a hobby studio, a game room or even a business office. All the required amenities are already there and you have a wonderfully flexible space!

Add Value to Your Existing Property

A garage suite can be more than just functional. It can have standalone style or curb appeal that complements and also adds good value to your existing house. And there are so many exciting plans to choose from- a charming Craftsman, a classic Cape, a converted Barn look, or a solid Colonial.

With so many exciting benefits, and the fact that they are now legal within the Edmonton city limits, you should definitely consider hiring a garage suite builder in the near future.

Own A Vacation Home in Phoenix? Hire a Property Management Company

phoenix vacation home rental property management

The right property manager is important to manage your Phoenix real estate. In fact, the property manager you choose can make or break your vacation home real estate investment. This is why it is important that you choose the right property management company to manage your real estate. Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the right property management company.

Find a Licensed Metro Phoenix Property Management Company

You should start your search by looking for a licensed property manager. What kind of properties have they managed? Are they experienced enough to handle a property similar to yours? Ask for a list of referrals from the management company. Never move forward if the company is not willing to provide you with these important documents. Property management is not an easy task at all. There are so many aspects to consider when managing a property. This is why the right manager is important to manage your valuable real estate investment. If not, you are wasting your time and money in the process.

Get Recommendations

vacation property manager phoenix azAsking for personal recommendations from your co-workers and neighbors is an effective way of finding a good property management company in the Greater Phoenix area. They will be glad to assist you if they have experience in hiring a reputable property management company within the recent past. In fact, the word of mouth is very powerful when you are searching for a reliable property manager. The internet is another reliable resource that may help you choose a experienced and trustworthy property management company in Tempe, Chandler, Mesa and the rest of the Phoenix area where there is a large amount of vacation home properties. There are so many property management companies listed on the net for a simple search on Google or any other search engine. Once you find 2-3 potential companies, make sure you peruse their websites to learn more about the services offered. Check for past customer reviews and testimonials on these websites. This is one of the best ways of weeding out inappropriate property management companies from your search list.

Interview Real Estate Managers

Interview at least three service providers in the Phoenix area before you decide to choose a potential Arizona property management company, Chandler office. This will help you choose the best property management company. It will definitely help you save time and money in the long run.

The aforementioned article provides a comprehensive overview of choosing the best property management company in Phoenix, Arizona. It will help protect your real estate investment in the long run.